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Classic gaming Codes: turbografx 16

Blazing Lasers:

firstly, as the title screen appears:
toggle left and right VERY quickly to enter the sound test mode.
next, while in sound test mode, you should press button 1,
then button 2, then select 21 times (quickly).
if you did this correctly, a ship with appear.
now, the sound test will be alittle different.
NOW, simply go to sound test number 8 to start at level 8, go to sound
test 7 to start at level 7, sound test 6 to start at level 6 etc.
now, if you go down to sound test 1, then zero... then FF.

the 'FF' sound test grants COMPLETE invincibility in the game !!!!! now, press run.
ALSO, if you perform this same exact trick all over again, you can
BOTH be invincible AND select your level !!!
there's one problem though,,,, the level select works fine, but
the invincibility requires like a 2 minute blank screen in order to work.
(the screen turns blank, then a few minutes later, the title screen appears,
and you are invincible. ) BUT this doesn't translate very well to most

china warrier invincible
hold 'select' press 'up'. now release 'select'.
press 'up' 3 more times, right 6 times, down
twice, and left twice. hey, i didn't make the
code. watch out for the final boss. he
replenishes his energy faster than you can hit him.
note: i have not yet gotten this code to work on the
emulator. sorry.

hold right and select to get a continue screen.
then hold left and select to get to the password screen. (press
left and select while you are on the words 'continue'.
passwords are:
MIKARIN - invincibility.
naomi- special weapon, makirin- vertical screen.
levels: emi, persia, mami, yuumi, yu, miho,
lalamoto. scsi-sound test.
NOW YOU MUST PRESS BUTTON 1 after password.

dragons curse (aka wonderboy 3: the dragons trap)
start as the bird-
Y 1 8 V D A X V Y E Y J T D

here's a few more passwords. or, you can enter the
transformation room, to become these charactors
mouse- njmjwbxty37kj1
fish- 3wSuryxzy765t6
(letter s) (number 5)
lion- 9k45yjxxy4UHta


dungeon explorer
final level passwords for all charactors:
elf GGIFB Bishop FOIFD

harmet IKGcG bard EFGcG

warlock ccJKJ fighter AJIcJ

witch DPANJ princess JILEJ

theif BDFAJ knome HLLcJ
and for dungeon explorer: you can input
debde debda as a password. then press button
2 and select simultaneously. you should get
a password error message, but if you now press
button 1, you can select your player and be
INVINCIBLE. (you could lose a life though after
defeating each end boss).
hey, if you can't get the trick to work, I've got
this game save file already done for you. and it
works on the Magic PC engine emulator. (the magic
pc engine folks do charge you for the complete version
of this Emu though.....but it's worth it.)


Fantasy zone: INVINCIBLE
during the game, pause, then press
button 1 once, button 2 twice, up 3 times,
down 4 times, right 5 times, and left 6 times.
it must be done at each level. you'll hear a
'ping' if the code was entered correctly.
usually, if you enter the code incorrectly, the
reason is because you're pressing button 2, then
button 1, rather than 1, then 2 twice.


Keith courage in the alpha zones
level select and invincible.
press button 1, button 2, run and select
simultaneously. then push up 8 times.
then, play around with the options screen to
increase life heart, powers, and what have you.



motoroader -- alot of great extra options
at the course select, press select and right, or
select and left.


H q 8 V E V E S 6 R X W
S 3 3 o n R d K i j z R

(capital H,small Q, number 8, capital Vee, capital E, capital Vee,
capital E, capital S, the number 6, capital r, capital X, capital W,,

capital S, the number 3, the number 3, small 0, small n, capital r,
small d, capital K, small i, small jay, small Zee, capital r.


ninja spirit
Level select: press button 11,1,11,11,1,11, then hold
select while pressing run. and of course, FOR ALL GAMES,
these sequence codes are always performed at the TITLE
SCREEN, unless i say otherwise.


ordyne: extra lives + level select
hold run, press select 6 times, then release the
run button. then hold buttons 1 and 2 and to the
upper left on your joypad (more upper than left).
then press run, while still doing that stuff.
when you are at the secret options screen, it
seems that you can't select any ot the options !
that's because, you must press select and start
simultaneously to shift through the different items.



pacland: invincible and a better level select
hold button 1, button 2 and select. keep them held.
now, hold directional joypad "down" and press "run".
you will now see a small menu appear. put skip
on 'up'. and when the skip screen appears, press
'down' 100 times. you are now invincible.


note : the button sequences are configured for
the turbographx joypad. if your emulator is configured
differently, you might have to swap the buttons in order
to make (some of) these codes work. for example:
in keith courage, you should press button 1,2, then
select. but on your PC, you might have to press
button 2, then 1, then button 4.... if your Emu has
configured the buttons different than the Turbo....
.... you get the message........


--- go to the 3rd party site, hosted by Devoe

or, the upcoming website from D & D Blazers

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